Lens Tinting Chemicals

Phantom ® Edger/Generator Coolant

  • Will not gum up edgers
  • Reduces diamond wheel friction, helping to prolong life of diamond wheel
  • Eliminates foam build up
  • Exceeds EPA standards
  • Maximizes equipment efficiency
  • Water based
  • Odorless, Biocides keep fats, oils, stagnation, and accumulations broken down
  • Concentrated, One gallon makes 80 gallons (302.74liters) of edger coolant or 40 gallons (151.37 liters) of generator coolant

An environmentally safe, water soluble, non-foaming lens grinding concentrate. Specifically formulated to provide lubrication, cooling, and rust prevention when grinding glass, plastic, or photochromic lenses. Prolongs the life of the wheels and tools.

  • 1 quart (946ml) size bottle (Item#C470)
  • 1 gallon (3.784 liters) size bottle (Item#C472).

Refer to Edger/Generator Coolant instructions on the container, and the MSDS.