Lens Tinting Chemicals


OptiSafe ® UV Formula III

  • 200 + UV treated lenses per packet
  • Extended shelf life (over one year)
  • Low shipping cost (each packet weighs less than 1 oz.)
  • AR compatible
  • Non-yellowing
  • Clear formula
  • Long lasting
  • No boilovers
  • 3 minute treatment for 96% UV absorption
  • 5 minute treatment for97% UV absorption

Super concentrated paste formula for making CR-39 lenses capable of absorbing ultraviolet radiation up to 400 nm in a simple treatment process. This formula is compatible with Anti-Reflection coating, tinting, and scratch resistance coating processes. The formula comes sealed in water dissolvable bags packaged in paper envelopes.

UV treat lenses easily by dipping the lenses into UV solution heated to 205- 210°F (96-99°C) for 5 -10 minutes. 1. Open envelope and remove dissolvable bag. 2. Drop dissolvable bag into dye vat filled with water.

Less than 1 oz. packet (Item#C347), less than 1 oz. (28.4gm) packet for UV treatment with Scratch Resistance Properties (Item#C350).

  • 1. One or more tanks in your dye heating unit can be allocated to heat the UV formula. An indirect heating unit utilizing heat transfer fluid is strongly recommended (e.g., Phantom Heating System). Any direct heating unit must incorporate stirring action to become suitable for heating the UV formula.
  • 2. Clean lens holder. Lens holder used for UV treatment should not be dipped in other solutions to prevent cross contamination.
Remove water-soluble dye packet from paper envelope.

Drop dye packet into dye tank (vat) filled with water. Plastic and ingredients dissolve in water.

Dye heating unit is needed to heat dye solutions. Lenses are dipped in hot dye bath (200 – 205°F) by using lens holder.

Density of tinted lenses, and the rate of change of density on gradient tinted lenses, can easily be measured with the Phantom Digital UV/Visible Transmission Meter
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