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OptiSafe® Tinted Lens Display

  • One volume (18 lenses) or two volumes (36 lenses) of tinted lenses displaying the most popular OptiSafe dye colors
  • Contains lenses of both solid and gradient tints
  • Includes lens tinting data to easily duplicate tint samples
  • Aesthetic in appearance
  • Easily displayed on any counter or tabletop

A one volume, or two-volume Tinted Lens Display that features tinted CR-39 lenses to show the most popular OptiSafe dye colors. Lens tinting data is provided with each display for easy duplication of the tinted lenses. This display can be used as a color reference or as an attractive addition to any office, lab, or lobby area. Custom Tinted Lens Displays are also available.

Packaged in a 13 x 11 x 3 in. box. (33 x 27.94 x 7.62 cm)

  • 1. Item # A150, 36 tinted lenses, 74 mm. Shipping Weight: 4 lbs. (1.8kg)
  • 2. Item # A157, 18 lenses, 74 mm. Shipping Weight = 2 lbs. (0.91kg).

– For Custom Tinted Lens Displays please call.

The OptiSafe Tinted Lens Display is portable and aesthetic in appearance and easy to use.

Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc. offers over 100 color samples to choose from. We can also customize any colors to your specific needs.