Lens Tinting Chemicals

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OptiSafe ® Marking Ink Remover

  • Quickly removes ink markings on lenses
  • Safe on all lens types, including polycarbonate
  • Quick evaporation, leaves no residues
  • Acetone-free formula
  • Environmentally friendly

Acetone free, polycarbonate safe, ink removing formula for removing markings on all types of lenses. Markings are instantly removed with no residues. OptiSafe Marking Ink Remover performs as well as Acetone but will not attack lens material and surface coatings. Can also be used as a safe solvent on many substrates such as polycarbonate, acrylic, metal, ceramic, and glass, to remove stains, marker ink, and paints without damaging the surface. Environmentally friendly formula. Refer to MSDS.

  • Pen II – Disposable #C573
  • Pen III – Disposable #C575
  • 4 fl oz bottle, (118.26ml) #C576
  • 8 fl oz bottle, (236.52ml) #C578
  • 500 ml bottle, (16.9 fl.oz.) #C579
  • 32 fl oz bottle, (946ml) #C580

Lens marking ink is easily removed by rubbing a moistened cloth or tissue with formula against the markings.
For the 0.5 fl. Oz. pen, #C573, #C575 refer to instructions on label

The OptiSafe® Marking Ink Remover is supplied in 0.5, 4 , 8 fl. oz., 16.9 oz, and 32 fl. oz. plastic containers.

Store in original container at room temperature. Refer to MSDS, avialable under request