Lens Tinting Chemicals

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OptiSafe® Lens Dye Concentrate

  • Most advanced lens dye available
  • Offers most consistent, uniform color in the least amount of time
  • Over 100 colors available
  • Available in 3 oz. and 32 oz. concentrate bottles

OptiSafe® Lens Dyes have been formulated by Phantom ® Research Laboratories, Inc. after several years of research and development. They are the most advanced lens dyes available today, providing the most consistent, uniform colors in the least amount of time. The molecular composition of the dyes allow for rapid penetration into the lens matrix, bonding to the lens and providing an excellent resistance to fading. Plastic CR-39™ (coated and uncoated), hi-index, and polycarbonate lenses can be successfully tinted with OptiSafe® Lens Dyes. Choose from a wide variety of colors to tint virtually every pair of sunglass and prescription lenses to customer satisfaction. The dyes are available in 3 and 32 fl oz. (88.7 and 946ml) concentrate bottles, and are packaged in standard 6 packs.

For directions, refer to OptiSafe® Lens Dye Concentrate instructions on the container  – Refer to SDS, available upon request

Dye heating unit is needed to heat dye solutions. Lenses are dipped in hot dye bath typically (200 – 205°F) by using lens holder.

Density of tinted lenses, and the rate of change of density on gradient tinted lenses, can easily be measured with the Phantom ® Digital UV/Visible Transmission Meter.

Color Matching Unit simulates daylight conditions for color matching lenses and verifying shade consistency.