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Digital UV/Visible Transmission Meter Model Spectrum 700VU

  • Measures of UV and Visible light transmission
  • The digital display shows the amount of transmission
  • ETL approved
  • Easy access to user-replaceable parts
  • Appealing look in office or lab

A UV/visible light meter which measures the average percentage of ultraviolet rays and visible light transmitted through an optical lens. It’s capability extends over the ultraviolet spectrum from 320 to 400 nanometers (nm), and over the visible spectrum from 400 to 700 nm. Light transmission through lenses can be checked without removing lenses from the frame. The meter is also useful in demonstrating photochromic lenses.

  • The Phantom Digital UV TransmissionMeter; item #E420, is packaged in a 10 x 10 x 10 in. (25.4 x 25.4 x 25.4 cm) craft box.
  • Shipping weight = 6 lbs. (2.72kg)
  • Power Consumption: 13 Watts
  • Power Requirement: 120 VAC, 60Hz; 220, 230, 240 VAC, 50Hz (Optional)
  • Body: Heavy gauge aluminum construction
  • UV Sensor: Silicon photo diode
  • Visible Range 400 to 700NM
  • Dimensions: 6.65 x 6.85 x 7.25 in. (16.89 x 17.4 x 18.41 cm)
  • Turn on desired power switch (UV or Visible or both).
  • Set MODE switch to UV or Visible
  • Adjust LCD reading to 100 by using the desired adjustment dial.
  • Place lens or eyeglasses over UV or Visible sensor opening.
  • Observe readout for UV or visible percentage transmission.

For more information refer to the Phantom Digital UV Transmission Meter, Model Spectrum

One year warranty, parts and labor, excluding bulbs.

Calibrate to 100% UV or visible light transmission

Slide in sunglasses to take reading

Switch from UV to Visible light