Lens Tinting Chemicals

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Advanced Phantom ® UV Formula

  • 300+ UV treated lenses per bottle
  • Treatment is permanent
  • Treated lenses can be tinted and coated
  • Bonding process, not a coating process
  • No baking, expensive equipment, or pressure cookers needed
  • Treated lenses will have virtually no color
  • 1 minute treatment for 96% UV absorption 5 minute treatment for 98%-99% UV absorption

The fastest liquid formula for making any CR-39™ lens capable of absorbing ultraviolet radiation up to 400 nm in a simple treatment process. This formula is compatible with Anti-Reflection coating, tinting, and scratch resistance coating processes, and comes in 16 fl. oz. (473ml) concentrate bottles to make one quart (946ml) of UV solution.

Dangerous invisible electromagnetic particle-like properties produced by the sun and man-made sources (such as electric welding arcs, high pressure lamps, etc). The wavelength of UV radiation is measured in nanometers. For more information about UV radiation, refer to our informative pamphlet, “Protect Your Eyes From UV Radiation”.

For directions, refer to UV instructions on the container or to the detailed UV instruction sheet. For Industrial Use Only – Refer to MSDS, available upon request.

16 fl. oz. (473ml) concentrate bottle (Item#C342)

  • 1. One or more tanks in your dye heating unit can be allocated to heat the UV formula. An indirect heating unit utilizing heat transfer fluid is strongly recommended (e.g., Phantom ® Heating System). Any direct heating unit must incorporate stirring action to become suitable for heating the UV formula.
  • 2. Clean lens holder. Lens holder used for UV treatment should not be dipped in other solutions to prevent cross contamination.
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In order to properly UV treat lenses, Phantom ® offers a wide variety of heating units for your needs.

Verify treated lenses with Phantom ® Digital UV Transmission Meter