Edging & Surfacing supplies

3M Leap Pads

  • Advanced holding power. Torque resistance and bond required for high-tech lenses and coatings.
  • Less waste. Keep errors, slippage and lost product at a minimum.
  • Superior performance. Adds value not only during the finishing process but to your bottom line as well.
  • Convenient dispenser box for easy removal.


  • 1701M: 3M Leap III Pads (square) 1,000/box
  • 1700M: 3M Leap III Pads (square) 2,000/box


  • 1695M: 3M Leap III Pads (round) 2,000/box


  • 1693M: 3M Leap III Pads (round 18mm)
    use with Essilor GAMMA edger 1,000/box


  • 1692M: 3M Leap III Pads (round 26mm)
    for use with WECO flexible blocks 1,000/box


  • 1696M: 3M Leap II Pads (oblong 18mmX28mm)


  • 1712NR: 3M Leap Pads (oblong 18mmX33mm)