Phantom Research Laboratories, Inc.

Lens Tinting Chemicals

Packet dyes for lens coloring. fashion and sports lens Dyes for tinting plastic, polycarbonate, and high index lenses. UV dyes, and UV formulas. Color neutralizers and more

Tools and Accessories

Plastic lens holders, Stainless Steel lens holders, Teflon lens holders, tank removal tool for removing dye unit pots, color kits, custom colored lenses, Lens books, frame parts, and more

Lens Tinting Equipment

9 pot dye units, 8 pot dye units, 6 pot dye units, 2 pot dye units, Gradient machines, lens dippers, new dye units with temperature controllers and stirrers. UV meters, and more

Edging and Surfacing Supplies

Lens blocking pads, lens edging pads, lens protection discs, anti-slip discs, plastic blocks, metal blocks, surface saver tapes, polishing pads, pattern blanks and more

We Are Always Focused On the Needs of Our Clients

Lens Tinting products and a variety of lens finishing supplies for optical laboratories, opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, and eyeglass manufacturers. Tinting Solutions for all lens materials including; CR39, Poly-carbonate, Hi-Index and Trivex. Available products include; Optisafe Lens Dye Packets, Liquid Dye Concentrate, Neutralizers, Lens Tinting Equipment, with many sizes and configuration suitable for the small lab and the large production lab. We manufacture the highest quality Lens Edging / Glazing Pads, which are available in many sizes, shapes and adhesive systems to suit all types of lenses and lens coatings.

We take pride in providing the industry with highest quality Optical Laboratory supplies that will promote your growth and reduce down time and breakage. Easy to use Shopping cart is available 24 hours a day allowing you to place your order and get information online.

Feel free to call us and talk to us about all your optical laboratory supplies.

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